Microvision Northwest - Forensic Consulting, Inc.

Microvision Northwest was established in 1995 as an independent forensic laboratory offering services in trace evidence analysis and crime scene reconstruction. Information obtained from microanalysis is used to aid in criminal and civil investigations, resolve disputes or determine liability concerning property damage, insurance claims, personal injury accidents, work related accidents, and product contamination. Those who retain Microvision Northwest include law enforcement agencies, attorneys involved in criminal and civil litigation, insurance companies, and other forensic laboratories. Training workshops covering a variety of topics including polarized light microscopy, soil, hairs and fibers, explosives, building materials, and paint examinations are held throughout the year to assist the civil and criminal justice profession.

Microvision Northwest offers forensic services of the highest scientific quality. We guarantee prompt attention to your inquiries with continued technical support through case resolution. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for further details.

William M. Schneck, M.S., A.B.C.